Many Smile is a thriving and dynamic subsidiary of Aanand Skill Hub Pvt Ltd, where quality education takes centre stage. We have multiple branches in Delhi and head branch being in Laxmi Nagar. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the ISO verification, further affirming our dedication to providing high-standard education. Our vision is to be the leading training institute in India it is a place where your dreams take flight and your talents find their most accurate expression with diverse courses

  • Our Mission to make India Success with Happiness
  • International Teachers with 15+ years of experience
  • Learn more about our Indian traditions and vedas
  • Online & Offline mode for every students
  • Innovation with our Indian Culture
  • Paid internship for students


Gaurav Anand

Anjali Anand

Alok Singh


"Many Smile" stands as an exemplar of educational excellence, driven by an unwavering commitment to shaping the academic landscape of tomorrow. Our vision is to create a prestigious university in the future that caters to the needs of both the present and the future. We aim to be a standout institution that provides education and promotes intellectual growth and overall development. We aspire to evolve into a distinguished university that transcends temporal boundaries, adeptly addressing the necessities of contemporary and future eras. The prospective "Many Smile" university will be a beacon of progressive education, seamlessly bridging the gap between tradition and innovation. With every stride we take, we inch closer to realizing a grand university that resonates with the rhythm of transformational change. Through our commitment to excellence, a focus on students, and a drive to continually improve our academic practices, Many Smile is on a path to grow into a remarkable university that will make a lasting impact on the world of education for many generations to come.


At Many Smile, we strive for a harmonious fusion of digital education and the rich treasury of Indian culture. Our core mission revolves around the convergence of digital training with the abundant tapestry of Indian cultural ethos. Central to our mission is integrating Indian culture and values into the learning process. We nurture knowledgeable, morally conscious, and socially responsible individuals by infusing our curriculum with India's wisdom, traditions, and moral compass. Through the confluence of digital education and Indian cultural ethos, Many Smile is steadfast in its endeavour to shape individuals who are adept, enlightened, and poised to make meaningful contributions to local and global communities. We consistently foster a learning environment that equips students with digital literacy and instils a deep-rooted appreciation for our cultural roots. We aspire to shape individuals adept in technology and deeply connected to their cultural identity. With Many Smile as a guiding beacon, we are resolute in cultivating a new generation that embraces the future while remaining firmly anchored in the invaluable treasures of Indian culture and civilisation. We firmly believe that technology should not come at the expense of our cultural identity. Thus, we are dedicated to infusing every aspect of our educational approach with the essence of Indian heritage.